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Welcome to the website of the Williamsburg Inn Lawn Bowling Club.  

Williamsburg residents rolled lawn bowls almost three centuries ago.  Documents show bowling here in 1720, and there is some evidence it occurred even earlier than that.   The game was also played in the streets in nearby Jamestown, the first permanent English speaking settlement, which celebrated its 400th birthday in 2007. 
Still, we are latecomers when compared to England.  Kings Henry VIII and Charles I enjoyed bowls.  In the oft-told story, Sir Francis Drake was playing bowls when he was informed the Spanish Armada had been sighted.  He said he would finish his game and then deal with the Armada.  While the story may be apocryphal, it well describes the enthusiasm lawn bowlers have for their game.

If you are a lawn bowler, you know what we mean.  If you haven’t tried it yet, join us in a game that is as much fun as it was many centuries ago.  Or maybe even more fun.

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Who said Lawn Bowling can't be exciting? Watch this

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With this website we hope to:

•  Provide information to our members
•  Attract new members
•  Welcome visitors to our green
•  Offer news about the world of lawn bowls

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